CBD For Insomnia


Sleep Disorders in the U.S


Insomnia is estimated to affect over 30% of the U.S adult population per year, as 1 in 4 American adults develop a sleep disorder each year.

We’ve all experienced stress or anxiety in some form, and many live with it on a daily basis. Pain can also be a significant contributor to trouble sleeping. Stress, genetics, environment, and other factors all affect our ability to sleep.

Many patients turn to traditional medications to find relief.

For many, it’s not working or the side effects of old-school medications are sometimes making them feel even worse.

That’s where CBD has come into the picture for many individuals. CBD has been found to provide relief for those suffering from insomnia or other sleep disorders, whether as a stand-alone treatment or as a supplementary therapy incorporated into their daily routines.

What is CBD?


CBD (or cannabidiol) has been evolving in the mainstream treatment market, demonstrating its value for those experiencing its benefits worldwide. Particularly in the US, use of CBD has skyrocketed in recent years following legalization.

CBD is derived from the hemp plant, which is related to the cannabis plant. CBD is not THC. CBD does not get you high and as long as the manufacturer adheres to development and testing standards, should not appear on a THC drug test. CBD is believed to directly interact with our endocannabinoid systems, which exists naturally in humans and animals, thus providing therapeutic value in various ways.

Initial research demonstrates potential benefits from both oral consumption and topical use to treat insomnia, along with anxiety, pain, seizure disorders, and more.

In one study, 79.2 percent of patients reported lower anxiety levels and 66.7 percent reported better sleep.  In another, Parkinson’s patients found marked improvement in symptoms of REM sleep behavior disorder (RBD). Evidence for the benefits of CBD continues to be discovered, and anecdotal evidence builds daily.

It’s recommended to develop a consistent, steady routine over time to maximize the therapeutic value of your CBD treatment.

Where to Buy Quality CBD?




When finding the right CBD brand for you, start by evaluating the quality of the product. A lot of low-quality or falsely advertised product exists on the market, so make sure to purchase from reputable brands that fit your values and prove their quality through transparency and accessible lab tests.

At Prime Sunshine we take pride in 3 key aspects: the best genetics, the best growing conditions, and an amazing proprietary extraction technology. All of these initiatives are backed by test protocols that far exceed any regulatory demands. Our products are vegan, gluten free, non gmo, and lab tested.

Prime Sunshine has proudly maintained a Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE) Certification through the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC), the nation’s largest third-party certifier of the businesses owned and operated by women in the U.S.

We recommend consulting with your medical physician regarding CBD and all treatment options before you decide. Feel free to contact us for more information at (which email can I use?)