Happy Plants, Happy People

Ellen Tacher, CEO of Prime Sunshine

 Over the last few years the Hemp industry began booming and consumers are now seeing CBD products everywhere they look. Most individuals find themselves with a local dispensary a few minutes away, their email inbox filled with online promos, or friends recommending the “best” cbd products to use. CBD products can be found nicely arranged on the shelves in retail shops, spas, or even gas stations. Recently, many consumers approached our team at Prime Sunshine in order to really get an in-depth understanding about where these most commonly found Hemp products actually come from, and are they worth the hype? Even though we knew the answer, we decided to go right to the source of our company to indulge on a much deeper perspective.

The quick answer you'll appreciate to hear is "not without knowledge!"

Prime sunshine is owned by Ellen Tacher, who has been a trailblazer in the Hemp industry for decades. Her family owned Hemp farm has dated back over 200 years and has partnered with academic institutes and international research and development teams for more than 25 years. “Our family owned farm's methods for growing pharmaceutical grade hemp rely on many factors that you don't commonly find in the industry.” Ellen explains that sticking to the same sustainable methods have given Prime Sunshine the advantage to provide formulas that deliver 3-5 times more bioactive compounds than other CBD products on the market. Prime Sunshine’s hemp plants are grown outdoors in clean and fertile soil. Her plants come from an internationally pedigreed, certified, proprietary seed which was brought over from England in the 1800's.

Ultimately, the sun is what causes her farming practices to stand out compared to industrial farming. "My hemp plants are happy." Ellen expresses with pride. We also learned that her methods give the most optimal natural growth process which results in her hemp plants roots extending over 25 feet into the earth, within just 7 months outdoors. Once ready the plants are then harvested, extracted, processed and manufactured into Cannabidiol Rich Full Spectrum and CBD Isolate Products, 3rd party lab tested and then distributed across America.

Prime Sunshine Ellen Tacher, CEO

Ellen wants our consumers to do more research and get involved. Prime Sunshine runs educational programs and groups in order to not only educate consumers on many topics, such as the history of hemp, but also regarding the differences between mass supply farming methods and sustainable farming. Consumers need to know what they're buying, how it’s grown, and identify lab tests accurately. If not, you may find yourself with a product that's definitely not worth the hype!

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