Our Story

From a horrific tragedy a wonderful healing took place…

Not too long ago, something terrible happened.  My dog, Enzo, was viciously attacked by another dog and was being eaten alive right in front of my eyes and then the dog turned and violently mauled me. I woke up in the trauma unit in the kind of pain there are no words to describe. The dog had crushed my entire left forearm in eight places, severed a tiny artery, and sliced my ulnar nerve in half. I still don’t have full use of my arm today, but Enzo and I recovered together, are both doing well and healthier than we were before the attack, thanks to discovering a special “rare” historical hemp seed, the richest and most perfect soil to grow it in, a 200 year old hemp farm and amazing 7th generation artesian hemp farmers and scientists who tend to our plants every day, rain or shine. 

Hello, my name is Ellen and I’m the founder of Prime Sunshine. It maybe a little bit of a surprise to learn that we’re based in Charlotte, NC and the first company in NC to both grow and manufacture/distribute CBD Oil and Hemp Extract products. Our plants are grown on two farms, one located outside the Charlotte city limits and our plants for full spectrum oils are grown “with love” in Kentucky, the “Hemp Capital of the world”. Our farm is located on the Hemp Research Institute where they are studied by research scientists from around the world and grown from internationally pedigreed proprietary seed brought over from England in the early 1800’s to be used for medicine by two well known pharmaceutical companies still in business today.

In 1937, Federal Marshalls seized our hemp and  farm at gun point, shortly thereafter our rare “medicinal seed” was vaulted then smuggled into Canada where it was held under lock and key for 81 years before returned to our farm where it resides now and whose plants are used in all our formulas. 

When we began making our proprietary formulas available to the public, we wanted to provide something special, unique and pure that you couldn’t buy in a store or online given the unique history of our seed, known to have been used for centuries for its medicinal Cannabidoils (not for rope, soap or textiles)   We didn’t start Prime Sunshine in the traditional way,  we just started helping people with the formula and a company formed. No advertising, no marketing, no website…the seed and the plant did all the work.

 I tell my story so you know our company has a real face, a heart, soul and a burning desire to help you, as hemp oil and hemp extract products has restored my health and I feel better now then I have my entire life and now free from debilitating depression, anxiety, pain and sleep issues. 

You might be in a fabulous place in your life; interested in taking Hemp Extract because you’ve learned about the benefits. Or you may be in a very difficult spot dealing with serious health concerns. Either way, you’ve come to the right place. It is always been advised to “know your source” and now you have the unique opportunity to buy direct from our farm and you can rest assure your  getting the “Whole Plant and Nothing But The Plant” when you use our products. Our state-the-art FDA approved facilities (located on our farm) is home to our staff, botanists, chemists, pharmacists, research scientists and researchers who do make themselves available for questions which you may leave right here on our site.  We’re here to help, support  and provide guidance be it through our private online community just Prime Sunshine Customers, or by phone.  Just reach out here and we’ll schedule a time. 

One of our long-time customers refers to Prime Sunshine CBD as “the company that has the real plant medicine,” referring to the documentary, The Sacred Plant.  She’s right.  At Prime Sunshine CBD, we use the plant, the whole plant, and nothing but the plant! She was very happy when she found “the real thing,” just like my dog and I were.

So, that’s “Our Story’. I hope you find your own story on this journey and share it with us one day soon. We’ll be here for you. Until then, feel free to reach out with questions, stay positive and don’t ever give up.


Very Grateful Founder, Prime Sunshine CBD


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