Founded by Ellen Tacher, early hemp industry pioneer and first female cannabis entrepreneur in North Carolina, Prime Sunshine has always promised quality, accessibility, and guidance, from farm to you. 

Our growth was organic, just like our hemp. From a simple wish to heal herself naturally, Ellen ended up helping other women, then her community, and then she went global. 

Today, Prime Sunshine is a wellness industry leader, providing our customers and partners with natural, high-quality hemp treatments to unlock their wellness potential. 


Prime Sunshine makes every move with heartfelt intention and encourages our community to do the same. Honoring our community and those in need, we lead and take part in various charity and social impact initiatives, as well as offering military discounts for our front-line heroes. 

We encourage healthy relationships with our communities, body and mind and stand by our dedication to your physical, mental, and total wellbeing. 



We’re here to help people. All people. All the time.

Prime Sunshine is passionate about helping people achieve relief from physical and mental challenges by tapping into the power of nature and the human body.



Found to have 3-5 times more bioactive compounds than many other CBD products, our plant-powered nutrition delivers cannabinoid-rich hemp, including CBD, CBC, CBG and other beneficial phytocompounds.

Prime Sunshine harnesses the power of the sun, moon, and stars to bring you hemp that heals. We’re known for our Top Genetics, Organic Growing Conditions, Proprietary Extraction Technology, and Hands-On Guidance. 

We provide hemp of the highest quality, along with hands-on guidance to help you navigate your wellness.