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Premium GradeNorth Carolina's CBD Industry Is Blooming, But Legality Remains Hazy

Cannabidiol — or CBD as it's known — is gaining popularity in North Carolina and around the country. At least six new CBD stores have opened around Charlotte over the last year, and other restaurants and stores have begun incorporating CBD into their menus. All of them are operating in gray legal territory.

Take Lifted CBD for example — the small dispensary/convenience store that opened up off North Davidson Street over the weekend. Inside, friendly employees are ready to show off a dizzying array of CBD products. Among them are pain creams, caramel chews, chapstick, pet treats, cold and hot teas, even CBD-infused empanadas.

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WBTV On Assignment: Cannabis Culture

NORTH CAROLINA (WBTV) - Down a private road in Rockingham County lives a man who's chosen to make public his deepest struggles. After 29 years in the military, Perry Parks retired in 2003. He served as a helicopter pilot in Korea, Vietnam, and Iran. Perry has seen more than most. Many of the battle flashes that live in his head are ones he'd like to forget. PTSD has plagued Perry since the early 1970s.

"It's the body's response to horror," Perry said. "There are horrible things that happen in war. To have to pull a trigger and see a human life taken, it takes a toll on your mental state".

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Doctors say CBD sales are up due to the concern of the coronavirus

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Demand at Prime Sunshine CBD has quadrupled with more customers coming in to treat increased stress and anxiety Prime Sunshine is the first CBD company in North Carolina and the first dispensary in Charlotte. Now the business is seeing an unexpected boost from more customers seeking treatment due to ongoing coronavirus concerns.

Prime Sunshine CBD CEO and Founder Ellen Tache, says the most common issue she’s seen is increased stress, anxiety and trouble sleeping. And customers continue to rush in looking for some CBD relief.

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SC Could Legalize Medical Marijuana

SOUTH CAROLINA -- South Carolina is introducing a bill called the Compassionate Care Act, which would allow doctors to legally prescribe medical marijuana to alleviate chronic conditions. One Charlotte based CBD Dispensary CEO says legalizing marijuana for medical use is the safer alternative to other prescription drugs. She is confident the bill will pass.

"I absolutely think it's going to pass in SC, just as it has in 28 other states," said Ellen Tacher, CEO of Prime Sunshine CBD. The bill would make it legal for doctors to prescribe marijuana to their patients to help alleviate many symptoms of chronic conditions like anxiety and diabetes..

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Potential Shift in Federal Law Could Impact NC Hemp Business

CHARLOTTE, NC -The push for marijuana legalization in North Carolina is getting a boost. The U.S. Attorney General this week expressed a potential shift in federal law, which could have major implications for North Carolina.

Cannabis is illegal on a federal level, but the federal government hasn’t been enforcing the law. But banks and other financial institutions sometimes don’t want to take on the risk of working with a business that operates in a gray area. So people like Ellen Tacher, who runs a CBD Oil business with hemp plants called Prime Sunshine, get denied.

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From Rock Bottom to a Rock Solid Cannabis Entrepreneur with Ellen Tacher

Ellen Tacher is the first female cannabis company owner in the state of North Carolina. She created the first brand, Prime Sunshine, a company that aims to help people overcome their physical, mental and emotional challenges. Prime Sunshine is now in over 100 grocery stores in the US and the first brand to be sold in hospitals.

Tune in to this episode as Ellen shares the tragic events that affected her life physically and mentally. Be inspired by how cannabis turned her life 360 degrees and how she founded Prime Sunshine after hitting rock bottom.

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